Company Culture Books from Hansen & Ishman are custom coffee table books that illustrate the story behind your company to promote growth and employee wellness by highlighting individuals that exemplify that, "can-do spirit" that makes all good companies great.

And if a book seems a bit too big of a feat at the moment...

Hansen and Ishman also create content for social media, in the same style as the Word of Mouth Conversations brand. Our black and white portrait and pull quotes can be used on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to engage your audience on a weekly basis, tell the story behind your brand in bite sized chunks, and show them the characters behind your business.

"Lily makes you feel as though you are the only person in the room. Being interviewed by her is like talking to an old friend who truly gets you." 

.- Judith Bright, Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur

"Frank is our go-to guy when we’re looking to capture the essence of a person, whether it be an opera singer or an entrepreneur. He has that sense of where a person’s energy is coming from and when it’s emerging—and he delivers it to us. The shots we’ve published are some of my very favorites in our magazines."

-David Zivan, Group Editor-Modern Luxury Chicago, Editor-in-Chief-CS and Men’s Book Chicago

Nashville writer Lily C. Hansen,Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations captures the drive, passion, and innovation of Nashvillians who have thrived in – and helped drive -- the art, culinary, business, and music industries that have bolstered Nashville’s boom.

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