About the process

What is a Company Culture Book?

A beautifully written and photographed coffee table book that illustrates your unique company culture as well as the individuals who influence day-to-day decision-making and change. 

This custom coffee table book demonstrates what it means to be a part of your organization and why others should aspire to work there or put their money into the company.

What We Offer:

Author Lily Clayton Hansen, known for her people whispering conversational skills, conducts in-depth interviews with subjects that the company chooses. The goal of these conversations is to articulate what makes the organization irreplaceable—its people, their talents, and insights. 

Word of Mouth Conversations portrait photographer Frank Ishman takes each subject’s photograph in our classic black and white aesthetic. When laid out in an elegant, four-page spread, each individual's images and interview text embodies their pride for the company, personal experience within the organization, lessons learned, entertaining anecdotes, a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into their current position, and testimonials about why one should work at or with the organization.

Word of Mouth Conversations Publishing will publish the book. Your organization owns the rights and can sell and distribute as you please.

Your book can be used for the following:

To solicit your company to new clients

As merchandise on your e-commerce site and in-stores

As a recruitment tool and way of explaining the company culture to new hires

Given away as gifts 

Used as a marketing piece to promote the company to the media

As content for social media, your website, and blog—we supply high-res images and interview quotes, which can be used for one year's worth of digital marketing

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