How we met

Photographer Frank ishman and author Lily Clayton Hansen met through a mutual friend, Caroline Horist, who knew their creative chemistry would Mash beautifully together. Upon meeting at the bar where Caroline tended the pair hit it off immediately and decided that it was indeed, a match made in heaven. Inspired by one another's Drive, Artistry, and passion for discovering the essence in their subjects they decided to join forces in 2017. Ever since then, it has been a creative match made in heaven.

Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, Lily Clayton Hansen's first coffee table book, launched the author on an incredible journey. Capitalizing on its success, she has since created a multimedia world around her brand, which includes a publishing house, live interview and speaking series, and art installations in partnership with esteemed institutions such as the Nashville Airport, Nashville Entrepreneur Center, and Vanderbilt University. Hansen's stories of self-discovery resonate with her readers for their candor, intimacy, and insights derived from real life experience. With over 500 conversations under her belt, Hansen is still passionate as ever about discovering how others make a living doing what they love. By means of her conversational interviews and the intimate portrait photography that accompanies them, she lends a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the lives of everyday heroes.

Photographer Frank Ishman has traveled extensively, living and working in various cities around the world.

Bringing his unique vision, ardent sense of lighting, and strong work ethic to each shoot, Frank has produced an impressive collection of commercial, narrative and fine art work. Frank’s commercial work includes advertising campaigns, celebrity portraiture, magazine spreads, non-profit assignments.

Born in Connecticut and raised in southern California, Frank is at home on sets having worked as a child actor for many years in Los Angeles. Frank has lived in London, India, New Zealand, Chicago, and now after more than a decade in New York, and after a brief stint in California Frank is now based in Chicago, right in the middle.

Lily C Hansen

Frank Ishman

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